ICASA 2019 President Welcome Address

President of ICASA


Prof. John Idoko

ICASA 2019 President

The International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa is once again here with us. It comes at a critical juncture when we hardly have any time left to actualize the bold ambition of ending AIDS by 2030. It also come a year before the review of UNAIDS global 90-90-90 targets in 2020. 

True to its identity, the 2019 edition of the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa promises to offer a strategic forum for Leaders, Activists, Scientists and Community to engage and find solutions to our common health problems. The Conference will provide a platform to take stock of progress made towards achieving the 90-90-90 targets. It also offers us an opportunity to collectively reflect on Hepatitis, TB, Malaria, NCDs, emerging infections in Africa and the opportunities available for strengthening our health systems on the continent to tackle these diseases.

Visionary leadership and collaboration have been central to the achievements made in the response to HIV and AIDS thus far in Africa and globally. ICASA 2019 provides us with opportunities to re-invigorate our African commitments as well as global solutions that will allow us pave the way for new and efficient innovations towards a generation without AIDS in Africa. The intersection of cutting-edge science, innovations, effective community models, funding dynamics and policy that will be provided by the conference is expected to contribute greatly to achieving an AIDS free Africa.

As we share evidence and reflect on progress made, let us keep in mind that despite the availability of a widening array of effective HIV prevention tools and methods and massive scale-up of HIV treatment, domestic financing for the response remains sub-optimal. New infections remain unacceptably high especially among Adolescent Girls and Young Women as well as in Key Populations. Despite a growing strong political leadership, there are still legal and human rights barriers that threaten progress towards achieving the goal of ending AIDS in Africa by 2030. 

For this 20th Edition of ICASA 2019, the programme is been built around 200 sessions with 578 expected speakers. ICASA 2019 promises to be an exciting experience full of science and fun. I wish all delegates safe trip and I thank and congratulate all our co-organisers, partners, all UN organizations and ICASA steering committee members. Finally, I wish especially to express our gratitude to the Head of State of Rwanda, President Paul Kagame for giving the conference maximum attention and support.

Welcome to ICASA 2019! 

Welcome to KIGALI!


Very best regards,
Prof. John Idoko